Twins: 18 Months

Daddy has just been realizing this week that his “babies” aren’t babies anymore.  I think he is in shock.

2013-05-26 10.42.54

Evidence of their non-babyness:

Carter is speaking two word sentences!  “Daddy go??” while raising his hands high in the air.  “There it is!” pointing to his belly button (or Cooper’s or Isaac’s).  “I did it!” and “All gone/done.”  The newest and my favorite is “I hungee!”

2013-05-22 17.42.56

Cooper is determined to walk (not crawl) up and down the stairs, usually without help.  Most of the time this results in a tumble and yet another red mark on his forehead.  (This signature battle wound is usually how you can identify Cooper these days.)

Time for the nursery at church (yay!!)!!  They walk/run right in without a glance backwards.  And I walk away without a second thought.  (I may or may not have taken them a whole month early because I was ready for some peaceful church time.)

They imitate their big brother at every turn.  Mostly this is adorable.  Usually this also leads to tackle fights.  I supposed that’s pretty adorable too.

2013-05-19 19.10.20

They just plain understand SO MUCH.  Momma and Daddy have to spell things when we want to talk about something secret.  They are getting pretty effective at communicating with one word commands and their pointing.  I must say they are pretty demanding little buggers too.

They RUN everywhere they go!  Carter has this goofy zig-zag run where he crosses one leg in front of the other every stride he takes.  Cooper is the only one of the three boys that I feel like has an actual “run” where both feet leave the ground at the same time.  Both are beyond cute.

Doc says that Carter is still around the 10th percentile and Cooper in the 5th.

I can’t believe that 18 months have flown by.  There was a time of my life (ahem, mission anyone?) when 18 months was like FOREVER.  It’s hard to believe that this last year and a half was the same amount of time as THAT year and a half.  I think motherhood is another name for time warp.

Anyway, I’m so happy to have these two little guys in our family.  They make me laugh everyday and they are generous with their hugs and kisses (which now come complete with a genuine little “smacking” sound).  Love them.  I am a lucky Momma for sure.


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