K is for Koala

There are no good K words that mean the same thing in English and Spanish.  In case you were wondering.  Probably because K is not a real letter in Spanish.

Anyway, here is what we did for the letter of the week (or three weeks since we got home from Chicago….).

We ate kiwis.

And jumped like kangaroos.

We painted koalas (on Spanish day!)

2013-06-12 10.26.26 2013-06-12 10.26.40 2013-06-12 10.25.522013-06-12 10.41.54

2013-06-13 18.37.55

And flew kites….for about 15 minutes until the wind (which had been perfect all day) became too blustery… even for the Winnie the Pooh kite.

We also got to go watch uncle K-K-Kade in his skateboarding competition.  2013-06-04 16.30.232013-06-04 16.33.48

Mostly we played on the playground…

2013-06-04 16.48.382013-06-04 16.48.322013-06-04 16.48.28

We read lots of books about kangaroos and koalas, mostly from the non-fiction section.  They were nice but kind of boring, I thought.  My favorite picture book we got was Katy No-Pockets.  It was cute.

I’m excited for Letter L week– which happens to coincide with our family Lagoon Day!


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