L is for Lion

Two weeks of the letter L:

Annual Lagoon day with Great-Grandpa Hitchcock and the WHOLE family!


Lasagna at grandma’s for Sunday dinner.

Lots of books about lions and lizards and lunas: Eli, Randy’s Dandy Lions, Latki and the Lightning Lizard (lots of L’s in the title but it’s kinda weird), The Lizard and the Sun/La lagartija y el sol, La primera luna llena de gatita (my favorite of the week and Isaac’s too), Ay, Luna, luna, lunita.

Letter L and Luna shaped sugar cookies.


Letter L week also coincided with the “super moon” so it would have been super duper to have the kids go look at la luna.  I considered it for about 15 seconds until I realized how far past their bedtime I’d have to keep them up.

Other non-L related summer activities: squishy bike rides in the trailer only meant for two, family bbqs and backyard swimming parties.



Letter M is for Makeover…as in living room makeover!  I spent nap time tearing the wallpaper down in the entryway.  Hopefully by the end of the month we’ll have everything put back together again.


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