Living Room Makeover

I can’t say that I did much on this project besides choose the paint and carpet.  My contribution was taking the boys away so they wouldn’t be underfoot while my husband, his brother and father did most of the work.  I am really happy with how it turned out (although pretty much ANYTHING would have been an improvement.) They took down brown wall paneling and put up new sheet rock.  They took out a random door frame from the hallway into the dining room and made it match the other kitchen entrance.  They rewired for a new light (our lovely orb light was just plugged into the outlet) and hung new fixtures in the hall, entry, living room and stairwell.  They pulled down wallpaper and smoothed out the wall.  They pulled down trim and put up new pretty stuff.  And they painted.  (I helped paint some.) Here are some photos.





These pictures are from before we moved in.  I couldn’t find a picture of the orb that was in the corner of the room that matches these hanging above the stairs.  Pity.  If anyone is interested in them, my dad is selling them.

In progress photos:


20130706_105534Nasty carpet padding turned to dust…

IMG_6754 Priming green walls.  Everything was so green…

And the finished product:




It’s missing some decorating but I really love it.


2 thoughts on “Living Room Makeover

  1. I love your living room makeover!! It looks great! We’ll have to come down one of these days and see it in person!

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