M is for Monster, Momma and Monkey


We finally started back up our “pre-school” this last week after a summer off.  It’s amazing what a couple of months can do for little guys’ attention/interest/ability.  It was so fun to do the letter M.

We got a bunch of monster and mama books from the library.

My Monster Mama Loves Me So, Mi Mamá, The Hungry Monster ABCs, The Monster Book of ABC Sounds, My Mom is Excellent and The Hungry Monster (these last two are both easy to translate to Spanish).

The first morning all we did was sing the alphabet song in Spanish and talked about the letter M for like 30 seconds.  I wasn’t feeling too creative that day.  But it took!  Isaac spent the next 30 minutes finding all of the letter Ms (big and small) in the library books.  Then all week whenever we read books he was on the look out for the letter M.  So cool!

Even the twins were more into things this week.  We learned about how every letter “talks” and they loved repeating the sounds with me.  Mmmmmm was fun for them.

Some more M activities:

Mariposa sandwiches (totally Pinterest worthy, I know…) 😉


Muffins for breakfast.

Daddy did this next one while I was at choir practice.  One of the library books was The M&M’s Brand Color Pattern Book.  It was pretty much Isaac’s favorite book ever.  So we bought a big bag of M&M’s and Daddy helped the boys copy the patterns in the book.  Anything which includes sugar is always a big hit…



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