N is for Nest and Numbers

I sat the boys down with their N coloring pages Monday morning and when I checked on them a couple of minutes later Isaac had traced the letter N!  It took me by surprise.  I sometimes help him trace but he never had enough control/desire to do it on his own.  I credit the Writing App I talked about awhile ago.  It has obviously been helping his fine motor skills but I think he also finally made the connection that’s he’s writing letters and not just playing the game.  We started using it for writing numbers this week too.


I know it seems like a little thing but it’s so fun for me to see the tiny steps of progression that they are making!!

The next day was Spanish day and the day that the boys go to my friend’s house for a couple of hours.  Her little girl is right between Isaac and the twins and they love to play.  She comes to our house once a week too.  They went outside and looked at the nido in the tree and talked about Noe and his ark.

We read lots of books about nests.  Isaac’s favorite by far was The Perfect Nest.  It’s pretty cute.  We read it approximately 9,845 times in the week we had it.

The twins have started showing me the letter Mmmmmm in every book now too.

The next Spanish day our little friend came over and we talked about los números, especially uno, dos y trés.  We played with the number magnets and counted and shouted and sang and read several counting books.  Carter was especially good at the shouting part.


We also colored the Ñ page but didn’t really talk about that yet…

Isaac has been wanting to play all kinds of games lately…. but we don’t have any kid games.  So I created one using our Mancala game.  My inspiration was from this mommy blogger/tot schooler.  It’s a good challenge for him.  I think we’ll play it a lot in the future.



On to letter O!


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