Letter Q

I kind of got in a rut with my letters-of-the-week.  I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that letter Q was next…

All we did with the letter Q was color a picture of Queen Esther from the Bible.  And I told them the story of course…which I’m sure they remember in vivid detail.

But then the next week and the next we didn’t really do much either and I realized something important: I was starting to get caught up on the “reading and writing” part of our home preschool.  I had to step back and remind myself of my goal.  The reason I started doing letters with the boys in the first place wasn’t to make them super-genius-early-readers.  The purpose was to give me motivation to spend quality AND quantity time with my boys without getting bored out of my mind.  I mentioned all that in my first letter-of-the-day post but I just forgot.

So, with the pressure off, I’m back to using letter themes for our playing and (when I’m feeling up to it) eating adventures!!


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