R is for Rabbit and Rana

We colored some R letter pages and jumped like rabbits and ranas.  The boys LOVE jumping right now.  Every time they see a picture of a frog in any book, they immediately get down on all fours and leapfrog around and yell ribbit.  It’s pretty adorable.  Not so adorable is that they prefer to do this on my furniture.  I know jumping is good for toddlers (are these called gross motor skills, I think??) but I was going a little crazy with them always trying to jump on my great-grandma’s old couch that I love that already has springs falling off the bottom and *ahem* potentially lethal wooden corners.  So our compromise was to allow them pull off all the cushions and use them as mini trampolines on the living room floor.  They like to jump from one cushion to the other like ranitas on their lily pads.  The boys are happy, mama is moderately happy. Their leg muscles are being developed and the wiggles are all getting jumped out.  Win for everyone!


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