S is for Snake, Skeleton and Spider

I actually made it to the library for S week!  Unfortunately, most of the spider and skeleton books were checked out because it was three days before Halloween.  We still found some good ones though!  Isaac loved The Snake Who Was Afraid of People and all three boys were obsessed with Skeleton Hiccups.  I kept giving myself the hiccups reading it to them!


Then just before dinner on Halloween night, I scoured Pinterest for some fun (quick!!) crafts since we weren’t going to be able to party with our friends like we had planned.  They all turned out so cute!  I especially loved the spider hats.  They only lasted about 12 hours but they were so adorable bouncing around on my boys’ heads.


We cut out these shapes and made a witch with them (S for Shape!).  I was impressed with the faces Isaac drew on his witch and skeleton.


And for dinner, we had spiders (hot dogs cut twice lengthwise into eight “legs”) and Mac N Cheese: a Grandma Joanne Halloween tradition.


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