Two Year Old Twins

best ba with twins

I’m usually not the kind of momma to get all emotional when my babies crawl or say their first word or have birthdays.  I don’t wish I could snap my fingers and have them be oh-so-tiny again.  I loved those stages but I love new milestones and change and progress.  I typically move my boys into the next size clothes as soon as ONE pair of their pants are starting to be a little bit flood-like before they are quite ready.  I chomp at the bit anticipating the day when I can upgrade them from rear-facing to forward-facing car seats (don’t worry, though, I’m a law-abiding and responsible momma).  I love and embrace the changes they make.  But this week I have to admit, I have been feeling a lot a bit nostalgic.

(I think it’s because I have a three year old. Three years old {and up through about 13} scares me but that’s a post for another day.)

The twins were a huge surprise (understatement of the century) but they have been perfect for our little family.  I LOVE having three boys so close together.

From the beginning, Carter and Cooper have been so very different from each other (which is why I was so adamant that they were fraternal).  Carter is Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky.  He is just a big goofball.  He loves attention and always tries to get us to laugh and be silly with him.

2013-04-07 17.54.12

He also has been so AWARE from the get-go.  It’s not something I can explain super well but there have been many moments when I’d look at him and could tell he just “got” it.  One specific example was when he was learning to walk.  At first, he thought it was just a big game.  He’d let us stand him up and then he’d just free fall into our outstretched arms.  I remember looking at him and telling him that he needed to move his legs.  I showed him how.  The next time I stood him up, he looked at me with his knowing look and just walked to me!  Now that his language is developing, he has started to be able to vocalize some of that awareness.  He amazes me all of the time with what he picks up from nursery, a movie, a book or just interacting with us.


Carter loves people.  He talks to everyone who will listen.  He loves to go to nursery to play with the kids and be with his teachers.  He always sings the songs and is unafraid to participate.  He likes to dance too.  I think we’ve got a little performer on our hands.  This week we took the boys to the musical Damn Yankees at Timpview High School to watch some of my former students.  About ten minutes in Carter kept asking me to “go up there.”  After the show was over I asked Isaac (who had stayed riveted to the entire show) if he was going to be in a play like that.  His answer was an emphatic “NO!”  Carter, on the other hand, said “I do it!”  We’ll see….


Cooper… I don’t feel like I’ve got Cooper figured out yet.  He’s not very consistent.  He came out kicking and screaming.  He is an aggressive little fighter (and a biter!).  On the other hand, he is such a tender little cuddle-bug.  He’s quick to say “Wuv you!” and “Sorry.”  He has even started to ask me to put him in time-out when he makes his brothers cry.  And he always insists on giving them a kiss better (even when they want nothing to do with him…)

2013-06-04 16.48.32

Cooper has always done well on little sleep.  He is my early riser and is happy in the mornings.  He also is a really good eater.  I remember when I went down to the NICU to see the boys for the first time, Cooper was looking for me.  That was one of the hardest momma moments for me.  I had to watch him lying there on the bed wriggling and screaming and rooting around without being able to do anything about it.  (I won’t rag on the NICU in this post.  Just never go there if you can help it… ;)) Luckily, he didn’t lose his good-eater instinct.  He is a champ.  I can usually count on him to at least try everything on his plate.  He knows how to make me feel good about my cooking! Thanks little buddy!


Cooper and Carter are both obsessed with their daddy right now.  I’m having a bit of trouble keeping them out of his office.  Whenever they get mad at me, that’s right where they head.  Good thing he has a lock on his door.


They also have their momma moments though.  Derek sent me a text last week while I was at choir practice and he was home trying to get the boys in bed.  “Carter: I want to see Mommy!”   That made my whole week.  Isaac has always been a daddy’s boy through and through so I’m glad they are all starting to share their love with me.  After all, I did give birth to them and stuff.


The twins are into all kinds of “boy” stuff right now: dinosaurs (they chase each other and roar while the other runs away screaming like a girl), planes, helicopters, motorcycles, semis, trains, soccer balls.  Two is so fun!  I’m looking forward to another great year with these crazies.





Happy birthday my loves!


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