Disneyland Trip: Day 1

One of the smartest decisions we made in our travel plans was to leave home at 4:00 a.m. I didn’t think it was so smart when my alarm actually went off, especially since we were up late doing last minute packing and final preparations. I changed my mind, though, after being able to drive the whole 4 hours to St. George with three peacefully sleeping children and zero stops. Win!

2014-02-13 15.29.46

We stayed at the Best Western Coral Hills and they had GREAT service. I called to see if they’d let us check-in early since I’d be at my conference all day leaving Derek alone with the three terrors (who’d be hungry and still in pjs). I was thinking that at best, they’d be able to get in around 1:00 p.m. and that they would have to improvise all morning. Derek dropped me off at 8:00 a.m. and the hotel already had a room ready for them. The guy at the front desk remembered us and was very accommodating and friendly. The rooms were clean. The breakfast was good. And it was pretty inexpensive. Win again!

Derek took the boys to the (FREE!) Children’s Museum that morning after breakfast at IHOP.  They were sufficiently entertained until lunch which they ate back in the hotel. They all got a good nap in before coming to pick me up for dinner.

Day one of the conference was good for me. I spent the day with my sister-friend, Cary and got reacquainted with some old college colleagues. I enjoyed all of the classes and just being able to develop the “professional” side of me again. I haven’t attended this conference since I quit teaching so listening to the presenters from the “mom” perspective was a new and interesting experience.

We did some swimming before bed. I was a little nervous because Cooper (who has never been super comfortable in the water) had a bad experience at the end of the summer that left him (and me!) a little traumatized. He had a hard time even taking a bath for several months. Lately, baths have been more enjoyable for him so we thought we’d try swimming on the trip. We talked it up for several days beforehand and he was actually looking forward to it. When we finally got in the pool he was a little nervous/cautious but he didn’t scream bloody murder he actually enjoyed himself. It was such a relief and a lot of fun!

My parents offered to bring Mitch down to meet us so they could play a round of golf and enjoy a little bit warmer weather for a change. They arrived that night and we got to hang out with them and Cary after the boys were in bed.


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