Disneyland Trip: Days 2 and 3

Day two of St. George was much like day one. Derek and my parents took the boys to the “dinosaur museum.” They all voted that it was not so interesting for kids. There were a lot of fossils, not so many dinosaurs. I guess they liked playing in the dirt outside though.


We had dinner at Red Robin with my parents before they headed back up north. We went back to the hotel to put the boys in bed and then played cards with Mitch.

The next morning we got up and went to church (well, at least the short version of church…) before heading out of town. They boys did really great on the road. We made it clear to Vegas without stopping. They each took turns napping and they finally got to dig into the travel backpacks I had put together for them.

I spent a lot of time preparing a bunch of little baggies with quiet activities (sewing cards, stamps, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, twisty ties etc). They didn’t touch them. They each got a new hot wheels car and those were sufficient to entertain them for most of the trip. The world about ended though whenever one got dropped on the floor….which was pretty often. We learned from Isaac’s plane ride to Chicago that stickers are a great travel activity so I put tons of Planes and Dora stickers in their backpacks. They didn’t care. Pretty much the only other toys they were interested in were their spinners that I reenlisted from our Chicago trip.  So, cars and spinners were all I really needed this trip (oh and the McQueen camera). Wish I had known that sooner! Oh, well. Better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

We found an awesome park in Vegas so we could let the kids run around after eating lunch. There was a giant sandbox made to look like a dinosaur dig, a nice lake with ducks and geese and a fenced playground with an area for big kids and one for my littles. There was also a splash pad that would be fun to play on in the summer.


After lunch we hoped the boys would nap for another long stretch. They did a pretty okay job. We stopped in Baker for a potty and snack break and then got to Anaheim in time for dinner. We went to IHOP (free kids meal with each adult entree!) and then hung out in the hotel. The boys were a little wound up, as you can imagine after driving all day. We were three days into our trip and they couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t just take them to Disneyland! I wish I could have thought of a way to help them comprehend the whole timeline thing.  I thought they wouldn’t ever go to sleep but, finally, they were nestled all snug in their Mickey Mouse beds, while visions of Disneyland danced in their wee little heads…..


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