Basement Remodel: Paint and Carpet

We spent every spare minute in May getting ready for carpet. We painted and painted and painted and put up trim and painted some more. We spent a few late, late nights and recruited some family help. We had to leave a few things undone but we got the important things hung and painted before Blackhurst brought us the carpet.

Game Room (Benjamin Moore Gray Cloud)

2014-06-03 14.28.02

Den (Benjamin Moore Sweatshirt Grey) Furniture on loan from Brad and Teri

2014-06-03 21.33.40
2014-06-03 16.56.56

Boys’ Room (Benjamin Moore Banana Yellow)2014-06-03 21.31.32

And…. we haven’t done a single bit of work since the carpet was installed on June 2nd. I refuse to put furniture in (besides the borrowed stuff) until we finish all of the details. I know we’ll never finish if we really start living down there. But we’re almost there and it’s feeling like a house again! We have doors to paint and hang, window sills and a little more trim to paint/caulk but that’s all! Hopefully in the next month we can find time (and motivation) to get the final pieces put together and call it a wrap.

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