Christmas 2014

Christmas is my favorite. With the kids, every year gets better and better. Except for the puke. I think every year since we started having kids someone has puked on Christmas. Next year’s goal: No Puke.

I love all of the things about Christmas.

Christmas Cookies

2014-12-11 11.18.01

Scary Santa Photos

2014-12-18 11.38.58

Family Parties

2014-12-20 12.20.26 2014-12-20 13.06.272014-12-20 12.36.11

2014-12-20 16.49.462014-12-20 16.49.18 2014-12-20 16.55.24

Christmas Decorations

2014-12-21 19.08.56

Christmas Eve Traditions

2014-12-24 20.02.37

2014-12-24 20.08.01 2014-12-24 20.11.19

Christmas Morning

2014-12-25 00.00.58

2014-12-25 10.35.25

We had a busy and fun season. It was fun to have the boys understand more of the meaning of Christmas this year. They loved talking about baby Jesus and trying to do nice things for each other as their present for Him.

And we’re still singing Jingle Bells.

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