Resources for Mixed-Faith Marriages

While I have the best family and friends who have been a huge support through the challenging changes in my marriage, there is nothing quite like finding a community that “gets it” on your same level. I have loved learning from others who have experiences similar to mine. All of these articles, podcasts and Facebook groups have been helpful to me through the years and I’ll add to the list as I find new ones. I hope you’ll check them out!


  1. July 2020 Ensign: How We Strengthen Our Faith Together
  2. When My Marriage Became Mixed-faith and Stronger by Olivia Juarez Knudsen
  3. Mormon Women Project: Mixed-faith Marriage series 
  4. Who Do I Choose – God or My Husband? by Chelsea Homer


  1. Marriage on a Tightrope Podcast
  2. Mormon Marriages Podcast:
    1. Season 1, episode 9: Navigating a Mixed-faith Marriage with Nick and Chelsea Homer
    2. Season 1, episode 42: Marriage on a Tightrope with Allan and Kattie Mount
  3. Better Than Happy Podcast: Jody Moore
    1. Episode 221: A spiritual Journey with Thomas McConkie
    2. Episode 211: Navigating a Faith Crisis with Amanda Voelker
    3. Episode 173: A Thriving Mixed-Faith Marriage with Matt and Lindsay Kjar
    4. Episode 56: When Your Faith is Wavering
    5. Episode 55: When Your Husband Leaves the LDS Church
  4. WifeSavers Podcast: Ramona and Dale Zabriskie
    1. Episode 42: When Faith is an Issue in Your Marriage

Facebook Groups

  1. Marriage on a Tightrope
  2. Support for LDS Women whose spouses or family have left the church

** These are private Facebook Groups so I can’t link to them. Search for them on Facebook and then request to join the group and an admin can let you in.

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