Labor Day Weekend

Isaac went through all of the peaches and pears that I bottled last year by about May or June.  This year I figured we should triple what we did last year to keep up with what the boys eat around here.  We bought 4 bushels of peaches and 4 bushels of pears.  My mom came Friday and Saturday before Labor Day to do pears (104 jars). 

Here is a shot of all of the peaches (118 jars) we did.  My mom, Derek’s mom and dad and I spent about 7 hours on Labor Day to accomplish this great feat.  Derek was super dad all weekend.  He got to feed, clothe and tend all the boys for those three days.  (Plus he did all of the laundry!)  He’s pretty amazing.

It was lots of work and I hope that we never have to do that many again!  I’m banking on the fact that they will eat a better variety of things this time next year….

Thank you, thank you again moms and dads for your help!


Grocery Store Outing

This is quite a milestone for me everyone: 

Today I took all three boys to the grocery store without my husband!!  I’ve only taken the kids to like two other public places without any help.  I usually run all of my errands on the weekend when Derek isn’t working or during nap time (usually only quick jaunts to Walmart) while Derek is working with the baby monitor next to him or I find someone to watch one or two of the boys. 

I know, I know, it’s been almost 10 months since the twins were born and I still haven’t ventured out alone…. pretty lame.  It’s pretty intimidating though.  The worst part for me is trying to imagine getting the whole crew from the car to the store on my own.  Isaac only walks if he’s holding my hand and if I’m carrying twins, I have no hand for him to hold.  (For this reason I can’t wait until the twins are WALKING!) 

Anyway, I didn’t make it to the store this weekend and so this morning I talked myself into being brave.  At Macey’s they have those shopping carts that look like cars and some of them fit 3 kiddos.  Perfect for three little boys.  (Don’t worry, I’ve had them scoped out for many months).  I prayed all morning that there would be one left in the parking lot so that I could load them easily in relative privacy and that I would have a way to get all the kids inside.  After driving around the parking lot for a minute, I saw that my prayer was answered!  There was one way out by itself just waiting for us.  Phew!

Isaac kept trying to stand up and crawl out the “windshield.”  Carter kept falling over and Cooper was almost standing in his seat a few times before I caught him.  Space for groceries was limited and I had to pack the basket very carefully to get everything to fit but we SURVIVED!  Without any melt downs!  (Note: I don’t expect every grocery store trip to go perfectly but I needed my first run to be a good one in order to build my confidence a little bit!)

I may or may not have bought two Sonic blasts at 10:30 in the morning to celebrate our success.  🙂

Millions of Peaches

I’m pretty proud of the fact that I bottled 28 jars of peaches by myself.  Just wanted to share.  I am excited to have them in storage so that I can feed them to three hungry little boys. 

I am waiting for a couple of boxes of pears to ripen up so I can bottle them next. 


Being Domestic

I try.  But I’m still learning. 

Here is my latest project finally finished.  Kinda.

The curtain rod has two bars so I am going to make another set that is sheer.  We’ll see how long it takes me to get around to that project…

I can’t wait to paint the walls and update the carpet to match.  Right now it’s nice to have curtains for privacy and to block the blinding sun in the afternoon, but they don’t really go with my orange carpet and green walls.  Go figure.