X, Y and Z

We did the last three letters over the past month in not any particular order.  Here are some of our activities in picture form because I’m not feeling very wordy tonight.

X is for Xylophone



Y is for you (and Yo!)


Z is for Zoo






I must say, our timing was pretty good!  We can start at the beginning again with the new year.  I’ve been reviewing letters off and on this week with Isaac and am happy to see that he knows about half of them.  Not bad!

One last picture to make you smile.



S is for Snake, Skeleton and Spider

I actually made it to the library for S week!  Unfortunately, most of the spider and skeleton books were checked out because it was three days before Halloween.  We still found some good ones though!  Isaac loved The Snake Who Was Afraid of People and all three boys were obsessed with Skeleton Hiccups.  I kept giving myself the hiccups reading it to them!


Then just before dinner on Halloween night, I scoured Pinterest for some fun (quick!!) crafts since we weren’t going to be able to party with our friends like we had planned.  They all turned out so cute!  I especially loved the spider hats.  They only lasted about 12 hours but they were so adorable bouncing around on my boys’ heads.


We cut out these shapes and made a witch with them (S for Shape!).  I was impressed with the faces Isaac drew on his witch and skeleton.


And for dinner, we had spiders (hot dogs cut twice lengthwise into eight “legs”) and Mac N Cheese: a Grandma Joanne Halloween tradition.


Three Year Old Isaac

Three years ago today I became a momma.

That whole first day of motherhood, I was kind of in shock.  Isaac didn’t come when I planned on him coming.  I still had sub plans to write and a classroom to organize and a semester’s worth of play production to clean up.  But ready or not, he came.

It’s strange how quickly my world went from this:

Alice in Wonderland

to this:

Isaac Update

and this:


and this:


It’s even stranger to remember how drastic, yet natural and complete the transition was for me.  I had to go back to school to conduct one final choir concert so my poor substitute wouldn’t have to do it alone.  I remember before Isaac came, imagining how emotional that last concert would surely be.  Two weeks after Isaac was born (and while he was still in the NICU) when I actually went to lead my choirs for the last time, my heart just wasn’t in it.  It had already been stolen away by this sweet new face in my life.  I wasn’t as sad as I thought I would be to walk away from one life and begin another.


Isaac has always been a very mellow kid.  (He takes after his daddy!)  That’s probably why he was in no hurry to leave the NICU, or learn to crawl, or walk, or eat.  He wasn’t SLOW at any of those things, just not in a hurry either.  He’s never been one to get really emotional about anything…until the last few months.  He’s getting into the “terrible threes,” which, let’s be honest, are way harder than the terrible twos.  Even so, his tantrums are pretty short-lived and he’s still a good-natured little guy.

Isaac is a great big brother.  He *mostly* includes “the brothers,” as he calls them, in his play.  He is taking on the bossy oldest child role really well.  He usually likes to control what everyone else is doing these days.  And when he can’t, one of his aforementioned-three-year-old tantrums occur.


He loves to play soccer.  All of the time.  He likes to be the goal keeper so that he can pick up the ball and play keep away from “the brothers.”   He is obsessed with REAL Salt Lake.  He recognizes the logo.  He sings the song.  He watches the games.  (Did I mention who he takes after??)

2013-10-01 15.38.20

Isaac is an observer when he’s in a group of people.  He picks up on a lot even though he doesn’t say much.

He’s learning a lot of his alphabet in English and Spanish and can pretty much understand anything we say to him in Spanish.  He usually responds in English unless we ask him to repeat what he says in Spanish.  It’s been good to have neighbors that go to Spanish story time at the library and that can do a little Spanish preschool with us.

Isaac didn’t get to be in the spotlight for very long before “the brothers” came along.  He has never seemed to be resentful or jealous.  He is a good kid.  We are so glad to have him around.

Two WeeksFirstsTwins: Six MonthsIMG_6536

We love you Isaac! Happy Birthday!



Happy Halloween (Two Weeks Ago)!!

Happy Halloween (Two Weeks Ago)!!

Flo, Red the Firetruck, Tow Mater, Lightning McQueen and Ramone

This is all of us on Halloween day. I made everyone (read:Derek) dress up just to get this picture since the twins decided to get sick that day. 😦

We were hoping to all go trick-or-treating with some friends and then have a sleep-over-game-night-super-fun-party. Instead, Derek took Isaac around the neighborhood and then we put kids in bed early and watched a movie.



We spent a lovely Easter weekend with the family.  Saturday was with the Christensens and Sunday with the Carters. The boys got to play with their cousins and grandparents, paint eggs (twice!) and have two Easter egg hunts.


Once upon a time I thought it would be fun to move far away with my husband for an adventure. But I’m so glad that we are close to family and can see them often. These three kids are enough adventure for me. 🙂


Happy Birthday Twins!

We have officially survived the first year of twins.  Some days I thought we’d never make it and others I couldn’t believe how fast time was flying.  Now that their birthday has come and gone, I am amazed at how quickly things change and how much they have grown.  I don’t wish that they were new born babies again (I’m exhausted just thinking about those days…) but I do wish I could remember their babyness for a little bit longer as they are quickly turning into little toddlers.  I am proud of all that they have been able to accomplish.

They can say several words now: hi (and hola!), bye, mom, dad, ball, dog, uh-oh.  Sometimes I think they are trying to say Isaac but I can’t be sure…

They are still into head-butting each other, although, now this can also be an display of affection as well as a defensive maneuver.

They feed themselves!!! Yay!  It took me a long time (it felt like to me anyway) to let them use a spoon because I didn’t want to clean up two big messes (not to mention Isaac’s).  By the time I finally let them go at it, they were ready and they’ve always done a pretty good job.

I know I have said this on like every one of their blog posts but they are Such Happy Boys!  I think Heavenly Father knew I needed some good-natured kids if he was going to send me twins.  I’m so grateful.  I also am sure they get their easy-going personalities from their dad.

Carter says “hi” to every person that walks by in church or that we get close to at the store.  And he is such a tease!  He loves to take both blankies, show them to Cooper and then run away.  He loves to get chased by and wrestle his big brother.  He is also a little daredevil.  Santa Clause brought them a little fisher-price slide and Carter had no fear from the beginning.  He would always try and just walk straight off the front of it before he figured out how to sit down and slide properly.  He loves to be tossed in the air and bounced around.

Cooper has followed his brother’s lead and loves to be goofy too.  He keeps surprising me with all of the words I hear him trying to say.  He has good inflection and imitates really well.  Most of his communication still consists of grunting and his signature Cooper shriek but a couple of times a day he will say something that will catch me off guard because it’s almost too clear to be real. Carter was the twin that started the head-butting thing but Cooper has adopted it and made it all his own.  He has been known to head-butt someone so hard that he hurts himself (and of course doesn’t even phase the other person).

It goes without saying that I love these little guys so much and I can’t wait to see what their second year brings.

PS No pictures because I’m out of picture space on blogspot and still trying to decide what to do about it.  I’ll post some on facebook (and on dropbox those of you who can see them there).


Happy Birthday Isaac!

Our little guy turned two!!

We had a fun party for him and his friend Kaleb whose birthdays are just a day apart.  We had several toddlers over for a fishy party.  I’m not sure Isaac knew what was going on but he had a great time playing with friends and cousins.  The hit of the party was the kiddie pool filled with play place balls (and extra balloons from the decorations).  That could have entertained them for hours.

Isaac is 25 lbs and has jumped into the 15th percentile! Yay! (Mostly its cuz the other kids his age have stopped growing so rapidly and he’s finally catching up–but we’re excited nonetheless)!!

The last month Isaac has turned into a little parrot.  He follows me around and tries to repeat everything I say.  He is picking up so many words and surprises me nearly everyday with one I didn’t know he knew.  This week the one that made me proud was cacahuate (Spanish for peanut) as he was eating his PB&J.  That’s a 4 syllable Spanish word!  Most of his words aren’t quite so impressive and are still only distinguishable by Mom and Dad but it’s fun to hear him learning.

I love that Isaac is starting to tell me things that he did while he was away from me at his friend’s house or in nursery or at Grandma’s.

Isaac’s favorite things (and people) right now are giraffes, grandpas, the little girl next door, nursery, car rides, stickers, coloring, cars, balls and the temple.  He has learned to spot the temple from wherever we are in town.  I love this of course.  It’s fun that we live so near to one that he can see so often. We’ll have to go to Temple Square soon to see the lights.

He loves playing pretend right now.  Last night at dinner he had Winnie the Pooh sit up to the table and eat with us, bib and all.  He’s starting to have little conversations with his brothers, friends and toys too.  Mostly I can only understand a word here and there of what he says to them–but he knows what he’s saying!

It’s fun to have this helpful and curious little two year old in our house.  We sure love him!