New Faucet

New Faucet

This is what I got for Labor Day. I’m so lucky!

We are trying to make a few updates to the kitchen so I can live with what I’ve got until we get enough moneys to build what I really want. ūüôā We decided that letting the faucet leak into 3 buckets under the sink was no longer “livable.” Good decision.


Living Room Makeover

I can’t say that I did much on this project besides choose the paint and carpet. ¬†My contribution was taking the boys away so they wouldn’t be underfoot while my husband, his brother and father did most of the work. ¬†I am really happy with how it turned out (although pretty much ANYTHING would have been an improvement.) They took down brown wall paneling and put up new sheet rock. ¬†They took out a random door frame from the hallway into the dining room and made it match the other kitchen entrance. ¬†They rewired for a new light (our lovely orb light was just plugged into the outlet) and hung new fixtures in the hall, entry, living room and stairwell. ¬†They pulled down wallpaper and smoothed out the wall. ¬†They pulled down trim and put up new pretty stuff. ¬†And they painted. ¬†(I helped paint some.) Here are some photos.





These pictures are from before we moved in. ¬†I couldn’t find a picture of the orb that was in the corner of the room that matches these hanging above the stairs. ¬†Pity. ¬†If anyone is interested in them, my dad is selling them.

In progress photos:


20130706_105534Nasty carpet padding turned to dust…

IMG_6754¬†Priming green walls. ¬†Everything was so green…

And the finished product:




It’s missing some decorating but I really love it.


Happy Birthday to Me!

Best Birthday Present Ever = Finished Bathroom

I love it.

Remember what it used to look like?  I do.  Yuck.

The wainscoting is from here.  It’s PVC (aka waterproof!).

I found the tub on  It’s not an old cast iron claw foot.  It’s new and very lightweight.  (This was the cause of much concern for my hubby, father-in-law, plumber and pretty much every other rational male who was involved in this project…. But it LOOKS great!) ūüôā

The plumbing for the tub I got here.

The vanity and counter top/sink came from here.  There is one in Salt Lake just off Bangerter and 2100 south although it’s not listed on this website…

We bought the tile from Lowe’s.  It ended up being WAY CHEAP because they were trying to get rid of it.  Hooray!  Derek and his dad laid it themselves. 

By the way, I have the best husband ever.  He did most of the work AND he endured my never-ending nagging about this bathroom ever since we moved in…  Thanks Love! 


Our New Arrival

We have been in the market for a vehicle that will fit 3 carseats and that we can be in for the next 10 years.  After much research and debate we decided on the Honda Pilot.  It is a great family car (apparently everyone knows this as there are approximately 900,000 of them driving around Utah County at any given time).  My favorite feature is the little extra mirror right below the rear view mirror.  It’s for spying on the kids in the backseat.  I LOVE it. 

After stalking and all of the car dealerships in three counties we finally were able to grab a good deal.  We bought this ’09 from Wade Auto Group in Salt Lake.  I was super impressed.  I have issues with car salesmen in general and neither of my past two car buying experiences were very positive.  This time it was so easy and actually quite pleasant.  Plus I feel like we got a steal of a deal.  So if you are looking for a used car, go there.  

This yet-to-be-named addition to our family is a lot fancier than what we were looking for.  I swear we bought it because of the low mileage (and the kid-watching mirror of course), not the heated leather seats.  Promise.  We both have felt really good about the purchase.  The timing was perfect and everything just fell into place.  It’s so nice to have this part of our preparation for the babies taken care of.  One more HUGE thing checked off the list.  PS: Going from driving a little sporty Mazda 3 to this ginormous “mini” SUV is kind of a shock.  I keep feeling like I’m going to drive off the road or smush someone.  It will take some getting used to. 

I feel like I have said this a million times on this blog but: Next project…. the bathroom.  We are so super almost done that it’s killing me!  Stay tuned for awesome pictures sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Thanks Curtis for spending so much of your time moving along the progress!!  Sneak Peak: here is a picture of the tiling that my awesome husband did.


Millions of Peaches

I’m pretty proud of the fact that I bottled 28 jars of peaches by myself.  Just wanted to share.  I am excited to have them in storage so that I can feed them to three hungry little boys. 

I am waiting for a couple of boxes of pears to ripen up so I can bottle them next. 


Being Domestic

I try.  But I’m still learning. 

Here is my latest project finally finished.  Kinda.

The curtain rod has two bars so I am going to make another set that is sheer.  We’ll see how long it takes me to get around to that project…

I can’t wait to paint the walls and update the carpet to match.  Right now it’s nice to have curtains for privacy and to block the blinding sun in the afternoon, but they don’t really go with my orange carpet and green walls.  Go figure.