X, Y and Z

We did the last three letters over the past month in not any particular order.  Here are some of our activities in picture form because I’m not feeling very wordy tonight.

X is for Xylophone



Y is for you (and Yo!)


Z is for Zoo






I must say, our timing was pretty good!  We can start at the beginning again with the new year.  I’ve been reviewing letters off and on this week with Isaac and am happy to see that he knows about half of them.  Not bad!

One last picture to make you smile.



S is for Snake, Skeleton and Spider

I actually made it to the library for S week!  Unfortunately, most of the spider and skeleton books were checked out because it was three days before Halloween.  We still found some good ones though!  Isaac loved The Snake Who Was Afraid of People and all three boys were obsessed with Skeleton Hiccups.  I kept giving myself the hiccups reading it to them!


Then just before dinner on Halloween night, I scoured Pinterest for some fun (quick!!) crafts since we weren’t going to be able to party with our friends like we had planned.  They all turned out so cute!  I especially loved the spider hats.  They only lasted about 12 hours but they were so adorable bouncing around on my boys’ heads.


We cut out these shapes and made a witch with them (S for Shape!).  I was impressed with the faces Isaac drew on his witch and skeleton.


And for dinner, we had spiders (hot dogs cut twice lengthwise into eight “legs”) and Mac N Cheese: a Grandma Joanne Halloween tradition.


R is for Rabbit and Rana

We colored some R letter pages and jumped like rabbits and ranas.  The boys LOVE jumping right now.  Every time they see a picture of a frog in any book, they immediately get down on all fours and leapfrog around and yell ribbit.  It’s pretty adorable.  Not so adorable is that they prefer to do this on my furniture.  I know jumping is good for toddlers (are these called gross motor skills, I think??) but I was going a little crazy with them always trying to jump on my great-grandma’s old couch that I love that already has springs falling off the bottom and *ahem* potentially lethal wooden corners.  So our compromise was to allow them pull off all the cushions and use them as mini trampolines on the living room floor.  They like to jump from one cushion to the other like ranitas on their lily pads.  The boys are happy, mama is moderately happy. Their leg muscles are being developed and the wiggles are all getting jumped out.  Win for everyone!


Letter Q

I kind of got in a rut with my letters-of-the-week.  I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that letter Q was next…

All we did with the letter Q was color a picture of Queen Esther from the Bible.  And I told them the story of course…which I’m sure they remember in vivid detail.

But then the next week and the next we didn’t really do much either and I realized something important: I was starting to get caught up on the “reading and writing” part of our home preschool.  I had to step back and remind myself of my goal.  The reason I started doing letters with the boys in the first place wasn’t to make them super-genius-early-readers.  The purpose was to give me motivation to spend quality AND quantity time with my boys without getting bored out of my mind.  I mentioned all that in my first letter-of-the-day post but I just forgot.

So, with the pressure off, I’m back to using letter themes for our playing and (when I’m feeling up to it) eating adventures!!


P is for Pirates, Pizza, Pancakes and Penguins!


P week was way fun.  Seriously.  There are way too many P words to choose from.  Here is a list of words that we encountered and at least talked about this week: prophet, potty (um both kinds… TMI?), pancakes, pizza, penguin, pig, pirate, Peter Pan, pup, perro, pulpo, Pearl, purple (still Isaac’s favorite color), pelota, princess, pea, pajamas, planes, película and pumpkins.

We started off the Thursday before General Conference coloring pictures of the prophet, President Monson, and getting excited about listening to him speak over the weekend.  I printed out activity packets from here.

A note about conference:

I was a little anxious about General Conference with three toddlers because I really wanted to be able to listen to some of it but I was fully aware that 8 hours of sitting in front of a tv screen was unrealistic for those guys.  Luckily, two of the four sessions coincided at least partially with nap-time so I focused on the two morning sessions.  We put away all their noisy toys and pulled out books, puzzles and coloring packets for them to play with during conference.  I also tried the whole listen-for-a-word-and-get-a-snack-when-you-hear-it game.  Isaac got pretty good at it.  The twins just got a treat whenever Isaac did.  They were still pretty clueless.  I really didn’t spend a whole lot of time preparing anything (and definitely didn’t make it cutesy….well okay the packet was kinda cutesy but all I did was print it!) but mission accomplished!  I got to listen to a good chunk of the talks AND the boys were able to enjoy it as well.  I feel like they came away knowing who the prophet is and that it’s important to take time to listen to him.

If you didn’t get a chance to hear it, all of the talks are available already on lds.org.  My favorites were The Moral Force of Women by Elder Christofferson, To My Grandchildren by President Eyring and No Other Gods by Elder Oaks.  Although Power in the Priesthood by Elder Anderson and We Never Walk Alone by President Monson were awesome too.  There’s too many to pick.  Just go read them all!

P week also just happened to coincide with Isaac finishing his potty chart.  So Monday night we left the twins with cousins and we took Isaac to dinner and the Planes movie.  He. Was. In. Heaven. (And one third of my children are *mostly* out of diapers…er Pañales!! Yay!)

We also read books about penguins, pirates, pizza and pancakes.  Isaac’s favorite (in English and Spanish) was If You Give a Pig a Pancake.  I thought the Princess and the Pizza was cute and El Pingüino Taky.  Cooper loved Splash! A Penguin Counting Book.  (The twins’ “counting” is so stinking cute).  Carter liked Penguin Pete (although I thought it was just meh).  The overall favorite was All by Myself!  They all fought over it.  Who knew the one potty book I brought home would be such a hit??

We made our own little pizzas out of Rhodes roll dough.  Should have made more.  The boys were sad when they were gone.


We ate pancakes more than once.

We picked out pumpkins at Grandpa Curtis’s house.

Our last P activity for the week was while Daddy was gone playing soccer.  The boys and I popped popcorn and watched Peter Pan in our pajamas.  So many P words in one sitting!  It was really fun.


On to letter Q. Just guessing but I’m thinking that one will be a short week…. 😉