Back to School Night

A year ago this last week Derek and I were engaged. While I wouldn’t say that it was as magical and flowery as some people’s engagements, it was very memorable and perfect in every way. I have been enjoying remembering the events of last year….

On the first day that I went back to school Derek had invited me to go boating with his family. After we both got off work we drove up to Pineview Reservoir to spend the evening. Brad, Teri and company were waiting for us in the boat. We lasted about 10 minutes on the lake before Derek crashed and landed himself in the ER for the rest of the night. It was there among the bright lights and sweet aromas of the hospital that our love for each other was realized. *Sigh*

In all sincerity, I was impressed with the way Derek stayed so calm and collected during the whole experience. I was frustrated that he could be comforting ME when it should have been the other way around.

The next evening after work I drove back to Salt Lake to be with Derek and help him run errands. We filled his prescriptions, ate dinner and I think even saw a movie. That night was the first night we talked about marriage and the conversation ended with something like, “…probably not anytime soon but we’ll start thinking about it….”

Derek tried to go back to work but the doc said to keep his arm elevated to reduce swelling and to prepare for surgery. Conveniently Derek’s aunt Susie lives about 30.8 seconds away from my school so he decided to spend the week in Provo. I very much enjoyed NOT driving to Salt Lake that week! It was nice to spend so much time together. He even came to Back to School night with me. That night back at my apartment (one week and one day after our first marriage chat) we set a date to be married in the Salt Lake Temple. Not in May when school would be out, not during Christmas break but November, barely 3 months away. I don’t know whatever happened to “not anytime soon” but I didn’t complain. 🙂

There was no official proposal with a ring or carefully concocted plan to catch me off guard. He just asked what I thought and then we started planning. We spent the weekend telling our families and friends the news. Six weeks later he gave me the ring as we were moving his things into our soon-to-be home. Six weeks after that we were married!

This past year has flown by with all of the ups and downs of life but I am so grateful to have such a wonderful man to have shared them with. I am so blessed! I love you honey!