The boys are really into “helping” out with laundry lately.  Mostly they like to play with the baskets.  This is Carter wearing his like a hat and then not being able to get it off again. Image And this lovely climber is Cooper who couldn’t get back out after mounting the pile of dirty laundry in his basket. Image


A day in the life, a year later

We have been changing to a new schedule with the new year so this is still a work in progress.  Here is what usually happens at our house these days:

6:30ish (aiming for 6:00)
I get up, shower (before 1 or 2 pm!! woah!), read scriptures and start working on breakfast.  I like this change in our schedule even though it means I’m getting up earlier than I have been since I was teaching school.
Derek gets up and gets ready.
Kids get up demanding breakfast now, now now!! and Derek goes down for work.
Derek comes up to grab his breakfast and say hi to the kids before disappearing back downstairs.
The twins can feed themselves (mostly) at this point so I scarf down my breakfast and then empty/fill the dishwasher, tidy the kitchen and maybe start a load of laundry while they eat.
I clean up dirty kids’ faces and hands and the rest of the breakfast dishes and then take them all into the bedroom for diaper changes and clean clothes.  Isaac enjoys picking out his own clothes now and can (mostly) get himself out of his pjs.
No matter what time the kids get up or the speed they eat breakfast, we always manage to be ready for the day right around 9:30.  Their favorite things to do right now are empty the toy bucket and spread it all over the house and or downstairs to slide into the ball pit.
Snack time.
Goldfish crackers and raisins are a staple snack food at our house.
More playtime.
This used to be the twins’ naptime but they dropped it around the first of the month.  This is a big change since before the holidays, this was Isaac’s Sesame Street time and my get-ready time.  I have taken them on errands with me more in the first 3 weeks of this year than I did in all of the last year combined!  In 2012 I took them to the grocery store once, to get the oil changed once and on one frantic Christmas shopping trip.  That’s it.  Most of my errands last year happened while my kids napped peacefully and Derek listened to their quiet breathing over the monitor as he kept working uninterrupted.  (Insert sarcasm here).  Actually, they usually did ok during naptime but the point is, that this is the time of day that I have started to take the kids out with me to run any errands.  I think more than anything else, this has made me feel like I have “joined the real world” again after a two year absence.  I have very mixed feelings about the change.
Derek joins us for lunch.  Can I just say, the boys adore him?  Every time they hear the door to the office downstairs open and close, they all run to the stairs (or yell from their high chairs) to welcome him home.  It’s super cute.
Luckily all three boys will still take about a 2 hour nap at the same time.  I don’t know how I will maintain my sanity when I have to give up that nap time to even just one of them.  I’ll cross that bridge when it comes, I guess.  For now, I get to have a couple of hours to myself.  Most days I go downstairs and “spend time” with Derek.  We usually sit in silence (or listen to a geeky podcast) on our computers but at least we can do it together. 🙂
I usually try to get them to eat yogurt or cheese or something slightly more filling so that they can make it until dinner.  They have this habit of clinging to my legs while I’m cooking dinner if they think it’s taking to long.  Three clingy toddlers with only two legs to cling to = no bueno.
More playing.
I start making dinner.  (Like most moms, I feel like I basically spend my day making and cleaning up meals/snacks.  As soon as one mess is cleaned up, it’s time to start on the next one….)
Derek comes up in time for dinner.  We spend the next hour or so arm wrestling our kids to eat and getting a bite or two in for ourselves every so often.  Derek usually works with Isaac (because he won’t eat anything except yogurt and PBJ for me) while I help the twins.  I think I have the easier job.  They don’t have very good aim yet so my job is to steer their utensils in the general direction of their face.
Clean up and playtime.
Derek and I have found that life is better for us when we do things together rather than divide and conquer.  So, we wash the table and dishes together before starting on the rest of the house and the kids.
Bedtime routine.
We clean up all of the toys that have been strewn in every corner of the house.  Carter and Cooper are finally getting in on the fun of clean up… just in time for Isaac to start to avoid it of course.  🙂  After the toys are picked up we herd them all into the bedroom (and shut the door so no one escapes) for pajamas.  Derek reads to a twin and Isaac in the rocker while I read with the other twin on the floor.  Sometimes this lasts for 30 minutes, sometimes only 5.  The last book we try and read is the Book of Mormon reader and then have a prayer.  Somewhere around 8:00 we take them all into the bathroom to brush teeth.  Cooper hates it.  Carter loves it.  Isaac has his days.
Derek and I each rock a twin by their cribs while Isaac sits in the rocker with his blue blanket, giraffe blanket, Paco the giraffe and his giraffe backback (notice a theme? Thanks Grandmas!).  Cooper goes down pretty well and then one of us keeps rocking Carter while the other rocks Isaac.  Carter and Isaac go down at the same time and all is peaceful again until tomorrow.


A day in the life

I found this post in my drafts and read it recently and found it kind of amusing.  I also decided to write another post and post both of them together.  I hope you enjoy them as well.

February 2012
One thing I hear every time I leave the house is, “You have your hands full!”  Yup.  Thanks for noticing.  Another good one is, “So, how many kids DO you want?” 

The one that I want to respond to today is, “How do you do it?”  I want to record it for myself to look back on (and because sometimes I don’t even know how I do it) and for anyone else out there who cares.  So, here is a “typical” (ha ha ha) day for me and my boys.

7:00 am
I feed the twins while Derek is getting ready for the day.  On a good day I make us breakfast before Isaac gets up.  (Can I just say I LOVE being able to see my husband before he goes to work now that he has this new job?)  The twins are very happy and pleasant this time of day.  It’s prime time to play with them since Isaac is not awake out of bed yet. 😉
8:00 am
I get Isaac out of bed and Derek starts his long commute down the stairs.  The twins lay on the living room floor and coo while I get Isaac some breakfast.  He has been feeding himself lately so I usually change the babies, do the dishes or tidy up the kitchen a little while he eats.
8:30 am
The babies go back down for their first nap between 8:30 and 9:00.  I swaddle them and lie them down in their cribs.  On a good day, they go right to sleep.  On a not so good day, they cry themselves to sleep while I go back and forth between soothing them and cleaning up Isaac/table/kitchen from breakfast.  I also get Isaac changed and ready for the day at this point.
9:00 am
Isaac plays with his toys.  Sometimes we color.  Mostly Isaac empties the crayon box and fills it over and over again.  I’m assuming his artistic ability will kick in later.  Sometimes we make bread or clean up a room.
10:00 am
Snack time.
11:00 am
The babies are up again to eat.  Isaac wanders around and plays on a good day.  On a bad day he sits at my feet and whines or throws a tantrum the whole time I am nursing.
12:00 pm
Lunch time!  Isaac, Derek and I get to eat together.  I love this!
1:00 pm
Nap time!  I also love this.  All three boys go down for a couple of hours.  I get to shower, nap, clean, OR (not enough time to do all of these things) mess around on the internet depending on my level of cleanliness.
3:00 pm
More food and diaper changes.
4:00 pm
I usually start dinner about now.
5:00 pm
Derek is “home” from work and we eat dinner.


Happy Birthday Twins!

We have officially survived the first year of twins.  Some days I thought we’d never make it and others I couldn’t believe how fast time was flying.  Now that their birthday has come and gone, I am amazed at how quickly things change and how much they have grown.  I don’t wish that they were new born babies again (I’m exhausted just thinking about those days…) but I do wish I could remember their babyness for a little bit longer as they are quickly turning into little toddlers.  I am proud of all that they have been able to accomplish.

They can say several words now: hi (and hola!), bye, mom, dad, ball, dog, uh-oh.  Sometimes I think they are trying to say Isaac but I can’t be sure…

They are still into head-butting each other, although, now this can also be an display of affection as well as a defensive maneuver.

They feed themselves!!! Yay!  It took me a long time (it felt like to me anyway) to let them use a spoon because I didn’t want to clean up two big messes (not to mention Isaac’s).  By the time I finally let them go at it, they were ready and they’ve always done a pretty good job.

I know I have said this on like every one of their blog posts but they are Such Happy Boys!  I think Heavenly Father knew I needed some good-natured kids if he was going to send me twins.  I’m so grateful.  I also am sure they get their easy-going personalities from their dad.

Carter says “hi” to every person that walks by in church or that we get close to at the store.  And he is such a tease!  He loves to take both blankies, show them to Cooper and then run away.  He loves to get chased by and wrestle his big brother.  He is also a little daredevil.  Santa Clause brought them a little fisher-price slide and Carter had no fear from the beginning.  He would always try and just walk straight off the front of it before he figured out how to sit down and slide properly.  He loves to be tossed in the air and bounced around.

Cooper has followed his brother’s lead and loves to be goofy too.  He keeps surprising me with all of the words I hear him trying to say.  He has good inflection and imitates really well.  Most of his communication still consists of grunting and his signature Cooper shriek but a couple of times a day he will say something that will catch me off guard because it’s almost too clear to be real. Carter was the twin that started the head-butting thing but Cooper has adopted it and made it all his own.  He has been known to head-butt someone so hard that he hurts himself (and of course doesn’t even phase the other person).

It goes without saying that I love these little guys so much and I can’t wait to see what their second year brings.

PS No pictures because I’m out of picture space on blogspot and still trying to decide what to do about it.  I’ll post some on facebook (and on dropbox those of you who can see them there).



We took the boys to the ward trunk or treat in the limo-stroller-turned-bathtub as the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.  Derek and I attempted to be Jack and Jill but I will spare you those pictures. 🙂

The boys and I went to the elementary school costume parade and made “monsters” out of kleenex boxes (a pinterest-inspired project of course!) during the day.

Halloween night we skipped trick-or-treating to go vote!  We are the most fun parents ever.  Actually, Isaac loved sliding at the park and kicking the ball around while he waited for his mom and dad to take turns in the voting booth.  And he didn’t really miss the candy.

After getting the kids in bed momma and daddy watched the best Halloween movie EVER.

All Hallow’s Eve has become a night of frolic, where children wear costumes and run amok!
Amok! Amok, Amok, Amok, Amok….

Twins: 11 Months

This month has been a busy one for our little guys.  First off, their stats:

We went to the doctor’s office last week to treat some sinus infections (boo) but we were able to get some updated weights for them (yay!) Cooper is 18 lbs 14 oz and Carter is 19 lbs 2 oz.

        Vampire Teeth
Carter has 5 teeth and Cooper has 6.  Cooper is our little vampire for Halloween this year since his side teeth came in before his front ones. He finally grew a front one in yesterday.  Teething x2 (three if you count Isaac) is not super fun.  Just in case anyone was wondering.

They can both walk short distances on their own now!  It’s been really fun to see that they have their own learning styles, personalities and timing which they have demonstrated through this process of taking their first steps.  Cooper started taking three or four steps at a time right after they hit the ten month mark.  He didn’t progress much from there though for a few weeks.  In fact, he decided to take a break for a week or so and wouldn’t walk at all.  Also, when he did walk, he would get his legs going as fast as he could until he lost his balance and fell forward.  He took his first steps pretty early but he’s not very adventurous as far as challenging himself in his new skill unless he knows we are right there to catch/encourage him.  If I put him down in the middle of the room and walk away, he’ll plop right down and start crawling.

Whenever we would try to coax Cooper into walking, Carter would get jealous of the attention he was NOT receiving so he’d crawl over to get a turn.  He kind of missed the whole concept of moving his feet though at all.  He would just fall right over and expect us to catch him.  Then he’d laugh and clap like he had done the most impressive thing in the world.  Eventually, when he did take his first steps, they were very deliberate and balanced.  He has been very motivated  by praise.  He would take more and more steps in order to see our reactions and get hugs and kisses.  He is also really brave.  If I put him down in the middle of the room and walk away, he’ll try taking a few steps in the direction he wants to go until he loses his balance.

Another development this month has been baby wrestling matches.  Was it just last month I was commenting on how good the twins are at sharing and how short lived I knew it would be?  Well, they aren’t sharing anymore.  Carter has learned that his new teeth provide him with a tactical advantage over his brother and he uses them often.  He also likes to head butt Cooper (and Isaac at times) if they have a toy that he wants.  He’ll knock them over and take what he wants.  Cooper has learned to retaliate by kicking and shrieking.  He has also resorted to the head butting method but he lacks the aggression of his twin to be very effective yet.  I feel slightly guilty that I find all of this fighting humorous and kind of adorable.  (A ward member commented that it reminds her of baby bears.)  I know I should intervene (and I do) but there is something unavoidably cute about it.

They are starting to communicate a little bit too.  They can wave and say hey and bye-bye. They say ma-ma, da-da.  Carter says dog.  Cooper says no.  They are so fun to have in our home.  They are still as happy as could be and we sure love them!