Our family began with our marriage in November of 2008; Derek, a computer programmer and I, BriAnn, a middle-school music and theater teacher.

November 2009 we bought our first home, a 1969 rambler fixer-upper.

November 2010 Isaac made his grand entrance less than twelve hours after his momma directed the final performance of “Alice in Wonderland” at the middle school. I said goodbye to public school and became a stay at home mom.

November 2011, six days after Isaac turned one, his twin brothers Carter and Cooper joined in the fun. Derek started working from home just in time to save me from insanity.

We stopped doing things in November after that. 🙂 I started this blog to document our adventures in parenting, traveling and remodeling.

Brother number four, Jeffery, came along March 2015 and I took a break from blogging to try and keep up with four boys.

Now I teach Suzuki piano lessons, Derek continues to program computers in an actual out-of-home office and the boys are growing up way too fast. Join us on our fun, music-loving, soccer-playing, Spanish-immersing, faith-developing journey!

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